Sub-Standard Service Rendered by the WOW Club/Group

While the idea of a travel group for women is enticing, the actual experience of traveling with the WOW Club was disappointing, to say the least. The planning, execution and customer support provided by the WOW group, does not meet industry standards.

I am thoroughly disappointed with the WOW travel group after traveling with them to Leh, Ladakh in May, 2017.

  • There was NO ACKNOWLEDGEMENT for the money transferred until multiple follow-ups from my end.
  • No FAQ list, specific to the trip/tour; list of items to pack, weren’t provided until multiple follow-ups.
  • A nominee for insurance was requested for, but details regarding type of insurance, “Sum assured”, etc. weren’t shared.
  • Information by the WOW travel co-ordinator was requested in piece-meal: ID proof, Nominee for insurance, Blr-Delhi-Blr ticket details
  • Our tour group was split between two vehicles, with only one local guide between them. Thus, the passengers in the vehicle without the guide, did not have the advantage of commentary on the history, culture, etc. of the place(s) visited.
  • The Blr-Del flight was delayed by 3 hours and hence I missed the connecting flight (group ticket booked by WOW) from Del-Leh. I informed the travel group of the situation. While I do not hold them responsible, I was surprised that WOW neither bothered to help co-ordinate a seat on the next flight, from Del-Leh given that I missed the flight which was a group booking, nor did they arrange to pick me up from the airport to the hotel, at Leh (part of the itinerary).
  • When asked about the “Cancellation Policy”, in the event of a medical emergency, I was told by the founder of WOW, that I must check their website as she didn’t remember the policy. I must add that she was rather rude and arrogant in her response.

On the whole, I’d say except for the breathtaking, and spellbinding views of nature at Leh (read more – Solo Travel with Unknowns to the Land of Lamas) and the company of a few fellow travelers, my experience of traveling with WOW Club was awful. I would not recommend traveling with them. The attitude to customer service is abysmal, with no acknowledgement of the potential to improve services or provide a better experience for the client.




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