Destination Goa!


After months of procrastinating and discussing, we (two colleagues and I, friends in the making) set off on a 4 day road trip from Bangalore to Tarkarli (653Kms) in early July. We reached our destination, after a 11 hour beautiful drive through NH48 and the ghat section, as it poured cats and dogs, only to learn that the accommodation was nowhere next to what it seemed on TripAdvisor (rated the best). The ocean was rough and so were the rooms. Disheartened with MTDC, we squirmed in bed for one night and checked out first thing, the next morning. We broke journey at Tarkarli and figured that our destination was still awaiting us. With a majority that chose Goa, there was no room for ambiguity as to where we were headed, next. After all, we gave Tarkarli, a fair chance – the beach was undoubtedly enchanting.

Goa was serene for the least and the accommodation (thanks to the friend who zeroed in on the place) at Country Inn & Suites, was fantastic in comparison to MTDC. Did I breathe a sigh of relief?! From the Candolim beach, Fort Chapora, Basilica of BOM Jesus, to Fort Aguada, we hopped across parts of North Goa. It was only fair to take a dip in the pool (with Feni to sip) and visit a Shisha bar, and a Goan restaurant (‘Soi‘ – I absolutely recommend this place for both vegetarian and sea-food), before concluding the holiday.  The chatter through the nights, the rustle of the waves that crashed at times and assimilated at others, the calm of the night, and the awkward silence through the beautiful drive,  all weaved in perfectly and left us, wanting for more!

Must I say, that company is of utmost importance to me and it was absolutely brilliant! We bid adieu to Goa, telling ourselves, there were more reasons than one, to come back!!!


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