Lakkavalli calling

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We set out from Bangalore on a 7 hour drive, breaks included to Chikmagalur losing our way thanks to the misleading Google map. NH4 and NH206 it was all the way. Oh and was my friend happy with my car’s performance . 17kms/ltr is what she gave (her first long drive).

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The River Tern property situated amidst the Babudangiri hill range at Lakkavalli in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka owned and run by Jungle Lodges and Resorts is a perfect getaway for nature lovers. The lodge is named after the River Tern bird, that congregate  to breed on a nearby island. Each loghut, cottage oversees the Bhadra river. The view of the backwaters is breathtaking and mesmerizing.

The safari at the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctury was as disappointing as most other safari’s in the Western Ghats are, while the boat ride to the River Tern island was beautiful. If you are a water animal, you sure are going to love Kayaking and the Water Trampoline. I’ve been wanting to Kayak for a while now but for strange reasons never managed to (I only did learn to row a boat at Lake George, Upstate New York).  I had no clue that Kayaking is child’s play and the water trampoline was more fun than one could ask.

The interior of the room is done tastefully (at least no gaudy sheets and curtains), the wash room relatively big in size and clean (ignore the few ants) and the air conditioner so helped for the humid weather and hot summers that are already here. I was dreading having forgotten to carry a mosquito repellent but to my pleasant surprise, it had no use. The three meals were decent though not brilliant.

What more, my friend fixed me a mojito the evening we arrived and on our drive back to Bangalore it was coconut water and bacardi! Concur is what my friend and I do on the happiness, fun and relaxation quotient this trip provided.



  1. water trampoline! now thats new and sounds VERY interesting 🙂 wna make a trip back there again? 🙂 🙂 🙂 u can skip the safari this time, we will do water-animal stuff 🙂

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