Masinagudi – Foothills of the Nilgiris

(This is an account of a weekend spent in Masinagudi in early April, 2010. Cross posted here.)

A quarter has gone by and I haven’t been able to add any new blog posts. Time that I traveled, eh? Absolutely, I so needed to get off and so I did. Three of us(two friends and I) headed to Masinagudi, located in the land where I hail from – Tamil Nadu.  Situated at the foothills of the Nigliris,  on the edge of the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, Masinagudi is truly nature’s paradise.

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We hired a cab and set out at 7.30a.m on a Saturday morning, stopped for breakfast at Hotel Kamath and covered a distance of 250 kilometers before reaching the Bear Mountain Jungle Resort, at Masinagudi.  As informed by Mr.David Philip (Owner/Manager) over the telephone the previous evening, lunch was ready and so were we, all set to hog.  I must admit and share that all the three meals at Bear Mountain had variety, taste, quality and were sumptuous.  After a tiring journey in the heat and a heavy lunch, we relaxed in our cottage(a room with an attached bath that was big, clean with all the taps, shower and tub that were functional and a sit out with a few chairs and a hammock to laze). As the sun went down and after tea, it was time for a jeep safari, which turned out to be futile, as expected. We managed to spot only a few deers, elephants and monkeys.  Around 8pm, there were a bunch of people at the bonfire but we chose to sit by the log hut instead and enjoyed the Latino music – Fresh Lime Soda/Beer combination. Dinner followed and later in the evening we sat close to a trench listening to the sounds of the jungle, breathing fresh, uncontaminated air, feeling nature and its cool breeze that naturally paved the path to a state of  ‘thoughtless awareness’ (meditation). ‘Bliss’ – the only word to explain this moment!

We finally hit the sack that Saturday night after a relaxing shower and the next morning set out on a trail around the resort and to bird watch in the jungle. After spending close to two hours crossing streams, checking out birds like: the Red Horn Bulbul, Myna,  Woodpecker, Large Jungle Mouse,  Warbler, Jungle Babbler, Parakeets and many more it was time to head back to Bangalore.

Payment done and pleasantries exchanged with the helpful and friendly staff at the resort for their warm hospitality, the plan was to stop en route, at Bandipur for the Jungle Safari (hoping luck would stand by us), but in vain.  Lemurs, Peacocks and Sambar deers were the only addition to the earlier list of animals that we got to spot.

As we approached Bangalore the smoke, soot, rising levels of pollution that cause eye irritation were more than apparent, not to forget the chaotic and suffocating traffic. Masinagudi, makes me want to keep coming back given that nature can’t get better and the value for money at this resort.

Nothing better than Robert Frost‘s poem to help describe how I feel, at this moment:

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.”


  1. Hi,

    A short & sweet article-just like your trip.

    With regards to the state of ’thoughtless awareness’ that you achieved during your trip I would like to quote Paul Brunton “In stillness alone is born the knowledge of the Overself. That out of which thoughts arise is the true being of man, the true self. There is an unknown and unnoticed gap between every two thoughts, between every two breaths wherein man pauses momentarily for the flimsiest fraction of a second. During that pause, he returns to his primal self and rests anew in his real being.”

    So keep travelling and enjoy the bliss!!!

  2. An impressive simplistic post. Well written and a good read. Looking forward to many more fun nature posts…enjoy 😀

    Life takes you places…Just keep travelling!!! 😉

  3. nice article 🙂 but I would have appreciated some pictures of the cottages and the resort as you spent most time there! also the idea about cost involved would have been helpful 🙂

  4. Masinagudi has been a favourite haunt of mine. I had been there atleast 5 times as a part of my school camps. The pics you took brough back fond memories. Thanks for posting them

  5. ‘Thoughtless awareness’ – only nature can offer such a state of mind. and that awareness does not come easy – very few are able to connect.
    Thanx for the writeup.
    next time come to 10 degrees off for more ‘thoughtless awareness’..

  6. Yeah Masinagudi is quite a nice place…next time you go to Bear Mountain try taking the Tusker Trail walk that starts from there…really nice and passes through dense forests.

    Nice travelogue 🙂 Wish you more such travels in the future!

  7. Though as a jungle the first thought is about animals not spotting many have been a disappointment for me too in the 2 trips I have made to masinagudi. However just being in the wilderness with complete disconnect from the madness of the city is its single point of attraction to me even now.

    The way that you have captured your entire trip is quite entrancing. Keep travelling.

  8. Wow, latino music in Masinagudi 😀

    Sweet, short n simple..well written..lov the end too.. reminds me of my prayer everyday evenin whn stuck in bangalore traffic headin out fr home 🙂

    nice read n nice pics, popskay 🙂

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