New York

Rare sights and touristy spots that I witnessed while in the world’s greatest metropolis – New York!

– Enjoyed the Manhattan skyline and downtown
– The spectacular view from the top of Empire State Building
– Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island
– Staten Island(on the Staten Island Ferry)
– Madame Tussaud’s
– Broadway
– Times Square
– Walk across Central Park
– World’s largest store: Macys
– Observed the different kinds of people and languages spoken in NYC and at Grand Central Terminal
– Window shopped on fifth avenue
– Shopped for paintings on the roadside outside Empire State
– Shopped for fresh spices at Kalustyan’s
– NYSE, Wall Street
– Ground Zero: Where the twin towers once stood, this place in the future will hold the memorial and museum
– Dined at Tangra Masala(Indian Chinese) Queens, NYC
– Saw a newly wed couple with their bridesmaids and bestmen doing the rounds of NYC on a touristy bus!
– Watched, rejoiced and shot a video of people performing on the roads like Michael Jackson on the occassion of his birthday(a tribute of sorts)
– Last but not the least visited Flushing Meadows and watched the US Open live(finally)!

Note: Too many good pictures of NYC. Confused which to post and which not to. Will do without em for now!



  1. u really need 2 put pics here πŸ˜€

    they say tht if u spent an hour at times square, u cn see people frm at least a 100 countries:)

    though i’m more of a vegas n bangkok kinda guy… whatever happens in vegas, stays in vegas n whatever happens in bangkok, never happened πŸ˜€

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