Lake George

Bolton Landing is a quaint, quiet and sleepy little town on Lake George in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York. My weekend there was altogether brief but fun filled and certainly one of the highlights of my recent travels. We arrived late on Fri day evening amidst wintery weather and went to dinner in a restaurant filled with locals. It was all rather restful and we were glad to have missed the summer crowds. Our cottage was set on the shares of the lake and made for spectacular views in the morning. With the first blush of dawn we were out to see the sparkling waters and the beautiful vistas. This lake was larger than any I had ever seen and surrounded by mountains and blue skies. After fortifying ourselves with a breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes we set out to explore the lake.

Lake George

Rowing was a new experience and one that I rather enjoyed. It was good to be out there on those placid waters. Good to be the only row boat amongst all that motor and sail boat traffic. Rowing was fun but hard work! And made one rather hungry. So we picnicked on the lake shores after two hours in the boat and was that bread and cheese some of the tastiest food I had eaten not to forget the barbeque that followed, the same evening. Those moments will stay with me for a long time.



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