The Bishop Farm

What do you think was next on the agenda?
P9010018 - Copy
Ah well, a visit to the farm to pick apples and blueberries it was.  Berry picking was one of the very many on my To Do list.  On a nice bright sunny and pleasant morning, we(my sister and I) set out on a 2mile walk to the Bishop Farm in Cheshire, CT.

We walked, walked and walked, until we reached a brook where we stopped to put the camera at work. The next stop was for pictures of Greenhouses and finally when we felt we never were going to reach the farm, thank heaven in the far end of the road did we manage to spot a board that read “Bishop Farm”.

A peek into the farm store was followed by Apple picking and then home made ice cream(Black Raspberry and Black Cherry). I knew that ‘America’ is and was synonymous to the word ‘huge’ but was taken by surprise when I looked at the quantity given to me for tasting, before I zeroed in on an ice cream flavor. Boy! The word ‘small’ seems not to exist in the dictionary of Americans. I was sort of forced to choose the very first flavor given the quantity that went into mere tasting(guilt trip..) and the lady at the counter, supposedly joked that after all that I better give it a shot.
Time for Blueberry picking was here. Walked around the farm, clicked a galore pictures,  checked out the size of the trees and then visited the Petting Zoo in the farm. Posed around with the pony, the geese, and hens to capture more memories. Nestea and Apricots kept us going through the 2mile walk, back home!


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