Mohegan Sun

One amongst the many things that I always wanted to do was to try my hand at gambling – visit a casino in Las Vegas. Las Vegas wasn’t feasible and hence after punting at the “Bangalore Turf Club“, “Mohegan Sun” it was. The feel and experience of visiting, gaining and losing is what mattered more. Mohegan Sun started in 1996,  with some of New England’s finest dining, accomodations, shopping, live entertainment and sports events.      MoheganSunExterior2006

Mohegan Sun consists of three casinos, namely:

  • Casino of the Wind
  • Casino of the Sky
  • Casino of the Earth

I did learn and practice how to play Black Jack on the internet to get the feel of the same but eventually ended up playing Roulette. We were up 30$, got greedy and then down 20$. Thus, stopped with a gain of 10$ only. 😦

Loved the experience and the high on winning. Sadly it lasted only a short while!


One Comment

  1. I have always fantasized about winning a big lot at a casino! I have always had this feeling that one fine day, I will walk into an American casino and walk out with a bagful of notes….will it ever come true ?

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