Stars, Stripes and Bars

While taking a walk on Poet’s Corner, with my sis and jeej I observed houses with flags on the outside. On asking as to what the reason behind the same is I learnt that it was a sign of Patriotism and to indicate that they are Americans. Interesting/weird?

How good an observer are you?
P8190093 P8240001

Let’s check. What do you see in the above pictures?

One being the official American flag(50stars and stripes) and the other being Stars and Bars. The US Civil War, Confederacy and Confederate States of America explains the same.

Do people with a  ‘Stars and Bars’  flag try to convey that:

– they are from the South?


– they support the Confederacy?

What do you think? I am still guessing…



    1. @Dhempe: Yep you need to observe from close quarters. Other than the official flag there are umpteen kinds of flags, difficult to shoot a pic from close quarters without people objecting.

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